About us

Breath is the most valuable aspect of the human self. Each one of us entered this world by taking our first Breath and we will leave this world with our last Breath. Breath is the only witness of every moment of our life on earth. Breath is so subtle yet very powerful! It is extremely required to explore the secret of breath and its importance in one’s life.

“BREATH UNIVERSE” came into creation with our vision to bring together all spiritual aspirants from across the globe who are on the path of inner journey.

To teach is to learn twice. We believe that each one of us has a Teacher and a Student within us. And each one of us must constantly seek to learn and must teach what we learn.

Breath Universe is a place where we all can learn, grow, and evolve together in our Holistic journey of life. And Meditation is the bridge between you and the “Breath Universe”. Our collective journey begins, the moment you start practicing meditation.

As Buddha said, “Be a Light unto Yourself”. Breath Universe is a medium to bring the whole of humanity into the Light World.


At Breath universe, one’s Inner journey starts with BREATH, by practicing meditation. Meditation brings awareness of ENERGY. When one is aware of Energy and channel it towards LOVE, that state of “LOVE” is shared as LIGHT in the universe. This state of Being a LIGHT is the goal of every soul. TOGETHER WE LIGHTEN THE WORLD.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to spread the science of meditation to one and all.

Our Vision:
Our Vision is to see everyone on earth live a blissful life. We trust meditation is the best way in achieving it.

What do we do?

-Breath universe teaches meditation for free across the globe

-Breath universe conducts various online new-age spiritual programs

-Breath universe brings all the spiritual teachings onto one platform

-Breath universe conducts various spiritual workshops by different spiritual masters across the globe

-Breath universe runs a one-stop-shop online journal called BELL Journal (Coming soon…)

-Breath universe introduces the best spiritual books in the world which can help you all through the journey

And many more to come… Check out our space for more upcoming ideas….

What is in it for me?

Breath Universe is a place for you if you are seeking answers for your inner quest. If you are looking for a companion who can support through your inner journey, you are absolutely at your nest.

This is your place…your home where you will be guided to get all answers in your inner journey. We encourage you to quench your thirst for knowledge which is the sole purpose of our journey on this earth!!

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