Breath Awareness Summit

Breath Awareness Summit is an online interactive summit which encourages spiritual aspirants from across the globe to bring breath awareness as a practice into their daily lives.  

 On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, this event is a tribute to the great Guru of Breath, Gautama Buddha.  We believe that a real tribute to any great guru is to always following what he says. We take this opportunity to be aware of our breath for 5 days and experience what happens if we just be with the normal and natural breath. This journey is very scientific ! We are not going to follow anyone here. We are just going to experience what is going to happen if we be with our own normal and natural breath. Just as Buddha did! He didn’t ask anyone to know. He experienced it to know. So, we are going to experience the same. Taste the same. At least get to a point that there is something we can experience by catching Breath. 


To summarise, this event encourages all participants to experience the truth – “Breath is the way!”

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