Breath Energy Meditation

Meditation is a profound phenomenon with greatest benefits. There are so many ways to get into the state of Meditation. One of the simplest techniques is “Breath Energy Meditation”

Breath Energy Meditation is the simplest technique.

How to do Meditation.

  • Sit Comfortably
  • Close your eyes
  • Start observing normal and natural breathing process.
  • DONOT Alter the breath. Just observe the natural breath that happens on its own.
  • You can observe the breath wherever you can. It could be at nostrils, It could be at throat, It could be at heart, It could be abdomen. It doesn’t matter where you observe. The key is to be a witness of normal and natural breathing process.
  • As you observe the breath, try to cut every thought which takes you away form breath awareness. If you cannot dismiss the thought, Try to be a witness of that thought until it finishes and shift your focus back onto normal and natural breath
  • The key is to be with the breath as much as we can.
  • When you want to open eyes, Keep two palms of your hands on your eyes for 10 seconds and slowly open your eyes.

In Simple words,

  1. Hands should be clasped and all fingers should go into all fingers
  2. The feet should be crossed
  3. The eyes should be closed
  4. Observe the normal natural breath

Note – Any comfortable sitting posture can be taken… The posture should be as comfortable as possible…It is not at all necessary that we should squat on the ground… You can perfectly prefer a comfortable sofa… 

Note –  This technique can be practiced by almost anyone, until and unless there are any serious illnesses. Please contact Breath Universe team if you have any questions

Benefits of Meditation

  • Memory-power becomes increased
  • Wasteful habits die a natural death
  • Mind stays in a peaceful and joyful state
  • It gives immense health benefits
  • Work gets done with greater efficiency
  • Sleep-time requirements get reduced
  • Relationships become more qualitative
  • Will-power gets tremendously increased
  • Ability to discern right/wrong gets sharpened
  • Purpose of life is thoroughly understood
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